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200.16.1 Where Stopping, Standing, or Parking is not otherwise prohibited within
the Residential Parking Permit District, permits shall be issued to owners of Vehicles
who own or rent dwellings which front on streets included in the Resident Parking
Permit District or Core District, provided that a fee of $10 for applications submitted
between October 1 and May 31 or $50 for applications submitted between June 1 and
September 30 has been paid to the Town; the applicant shows satisfactory proof that he
or she lives on a Public Way in one of the districts during the period between June 1
and September 30 of the year for which he is seeking a permit by using a tax bill,
executed lease or other acceptable documentation as proof; and a valid registration
card for the Vehicle to be permitted is shown.

200.16.2 Proper display of permits. Such permits shall be in the form of an
adhesive sticker, inscribed with the license plate number of the so-permitted Vehicle,
and shall be affixed to the left rear bumper of the Vehicle so as to be easily seen.

200.16.3 Validity. Such permits shall be valid only for the Vehicle it was originally
issued for. Permits are not transferable from one Vehicle to another under any
circumstances. Permits shall be valid for one (1) summer season only. New permits
must be secured in the same manner as specified above each season. Permits not
properly displayed are invalid.
Town of Nantucket Residential Parking Permits